Meeting the need to produce an innovative and attractive teaching tool that could be used in practice for the purpose of promoting dance at primary schools was an exciting challenge that the entire team tackled with great enthusiasm over several months.

The concept of this teaching tool was based around the practice-oriented approach of Cecile Kramer. Cécile Kramer has been constantly willing to contribute her vast personal expertise to this teaching tool for the benefit of further developing the area of "dance in schools" and promoting it to a very broad public audience. She deserves a great deal of credit for her efforts.

"SHUT UP AND DANCE" is her motto, which runs contrary to the ever-greater scientification of movement and sport.

Cécile Kramer puts this provocative slogan into perspective herself: "Learning how to dance on the basis of theory alone is very limited. Thus, books and study may be useful for learning the background knowledge, but learning dance in an effective way requires movement, music and a beat that can be felt, so that pupils can bounce around and have fun while learning!"

The success of Cécile Kramer and her motto speaks for itself: it would be difficult to find another person who has made such a lasting impression on the dance landscape in schools over the past few years.

More about Cecile Kramer, the mind behind this teaching tool:

Team Dance360

  • Cécile Kramer - Author and dancer
  • Philippe Dick - Dancer and content support
  • Prisca Pfister - Dancer
  • Meret Lotter - Dancer
  • Cécile Gmünder - Dancer
  • Halina Stefaniak - Dancer
  • Stephanie Hächler - Dancer
  • Daniel Kernel - Dancer
  • Denis Alibasic - Dancer
  • Mario Jacky - Dancer
  • Giovi Minasi - Dancer
  • Ursula Meurs - Content support

Project Team Release 3 (August 2017):

  • Samuel Spörri - Project manager
  • Cécile Kramer – Content manager
  • Urs Hunziker – Technical production
  • Zeix AG - Redisign website

Project Team Release 2 (August 2012 - July 2017):

  • Samuel Spörri - Project manager
  • Cécile Kramer - Content manager
  • Urs Hunziker - Technical production
  • Mediamedia GmbH - Website reprogramming
  • Riesen Music - Music and sound production
  • VCS Productions GmbH - Video production

Projekt Team Release 1 (August 2010 - July 2012):

  • Riesen Music - Music and sound production
  • Peter Hossfeld - Production (VCS GmbH)
  • Urs Hunziker - Technical production
  • Cécile Kramer - Author and content
  • Ralph König - Project manager

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